How to Become an Esthetician: Online Microblading Programs

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Thinking about becoming an esthetician but don’t know where to start? Want to own your own business microblading eyebrows?

We have all the information you need on different courses, what to do after you complete your class, and how much you could make once you are certified.

Learn eyebrow microblading and start your journey to becoming a certified esthetician with Advanced Microblading Online Courses!

Find an Esthetician Course

There are many courses you can find online, but finding an honest, thorough, and reputable online training course can be difficult. 

Advanced Microblading offers many online training courses. Our prestigious course is designed for you to succeed in your new career as an esthetician. We want you to be confident in your abilities and learn the right way. We will be here to help you every step of the way.

Microblading and Manual Shading Course

This course is perfect for beginners. We will teach you the fine art of microblading. Learning the proper techniques and how to properly shape an eyebrow is crucial. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent way to enhance or fix eyebrows. It uses hair-like strokes to cover bald spots, create thicker-looking brows, or help clients feel confident in their own skin. 

Microblading can last 1-3 years, and ideally, your clients will come back to you for touch-ups. 

Ombré Brows and Color Correction

The ombré style doesn’t include any hair-like strokes. Instead, it is the shading of the eyebrow for a fierce look. 

Starting with a light shade in the center and darkening the shade toward the end of the tail, this procedure creates a modern sharp-looking eyebrow. 

The ombré brow style will also require touch-ups and yearly maintenance. 

Katie’s Signature Brows Course

In this course, you will learn Katie Dang’s specific technique of combining traditional microblading with the ombré style. 

Katie is the founder of Advanced Microblading. She has traveled the world perfecting her technique and now teaches it to others.

This style will have hair-like strokes beginning at the head and switch to a darker shaded ombré style in the tail of the brow. This creates a unique natural, yet profound style.

Course Additions

All of our courses will provide you with 6 months of unlimited access, 4k detailed instructional videos in every level of training, and a full procedure video of a live model. 

We have scheduled video meetings and are always available for direct messages for anything you may need. We encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or would like further explanation on anything regarding the course.

We will teach you techniques, theories, marketing, and secret tips that we have learned through the years. Our unique methods combine various techniques that Katie has learned throughout her travels and training.  

The ombré course and Katie’s course will both require the purchase of an additional permanent makeup machine.

The starter kit is currently free for all students. The starter kit includes:

  • 5 Bottles of Pigment
  • 10 Disposable Holders
  • 1 Bottle of Magic Sealer
  • 2 bottles of Pigment Dilution
  • 25 Blades
  • 5 Pieces of Practice Skins
  • 1 Tag #45
  • 2 Classic Holders
  • 2 Eyebrow Pencils
  • 1 Eyebrow Ruler
  • 10 Disposable Eyebrow Razors
  • 5 After Care Gel
  • 1 Razor Blade
  • 1 Mapping Thread
  • 20 Pigment Rings
  • 10 Disposable Mascara Brushes

Next Steps to a Microblading Career

Once you have your Advance Microblading Certificate, it’s time to get state-certified. Your first step will be to find an esthetician you can apprentice for. This apprenticeship will most likely be unpaid, but it is an important step in your career. 

Then you will need to register with either the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) or The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and take their certification course. 

Each state has different license requirements, some states are very strict and some have very few legal requirements. Make sure you know your state’s laws, the health department’s requirements, and that you get all the proper licensing to start your own business. 

Once all of this is complete, you are ready to start your own business. 

How Much Will You Make as an Esthetician

Expected Earnings for an esthetician can vary. But even someone working part-time, after a few years and with a good reputation can expect to be making around $100,000 per year. 

This will vary depending on how many clients you get. When you are first starting you might not make as much as you’d like. Keep your quality and reputation in excellent condition to ensure you grow your clientele.

When you are just starting you won’t be able to charge as much as those estheticians who have been practicing for a while. Expect to charge anywhere from $300-$900 per appointment depending on location and experience. 

Starting Your Own Salon

Owning your own salon can be very exciting. If you start your own salon, you will have to factor in a lot more expenses than if you work in someone else’s salon. Take this into consideration when starting your business.

Depending on finances, it might be a good idea to work in a salon until you have many loyal clientele who will follow you to your business.

You can also rent out booths and rooms in your salon to other estheticians, or other professionals in the cosmetology fields. Creating a Spa-type business could bring in additional customers, a semi-permanent make-up salon… the possibilities are endless. 

Take the First Step to Become a Microblading Artist

Your dream of becoming an esthetician can become a reality! Advanced Microblading offers detailed and extensive classes online.

We will train you to confidently know how to shape, fill, and shade brows using microblading techniques. 

Take the first step and find out more on our website!

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