Mastering 3D Brows: All About the Benefits of Microblading Classes

microblading classes

Real talk: the COVID-19 pandemic is changing things for the beauty industry.

The nationwide lockdown forced some salons to go out of business, while others abandoned close-contact beauty services like hair coloring, nail care, and eyebrow microblading.

If you’ve been dreaming of the day you get to take online microblading classes and discover endless possibilities for yourself, you came to the right place. You might feel worried about starting microblading classes for a multitude of reasons, and that’s okay!

Would your worries fade away if I told you that microblading training is being offered online?

That’s right! From the comfort of your own home, on your own time, you can become a certified microblading artist. How exciting is that?

Stay right where you are to continue reading about the benefits of taking the best microblading classes.

Microblading, Microshading, and Ombré – Oh My!

If you’re new to this area of the beauty industry, you need to know that there are three types of semi-permanent eyebrow techniques. Don’t fret! I’m here to tell you all about it before you decide on classes.

Microblading consists of using a bunch of small needles and pigments to create hair-like strokes on the eyebrow.

This technique is much like a tattoo – the only difference is that microblading doesn’t last a lifetime.

Now, microshading is mostly about blending (with a touch of microblading)! The majority of pigment is applied to the skin through little dots combined with strokes, then blended throughout the brow using an electric tool. 

Lastly, ombré brows don’t resemble natural brows at all. This technique is completely separate from microblading or microshading.

Instead of hair-like strokes or little dots, a gradient look is created by completely shading the eyebrow.

Microblading Classes Made Simple

Since you know about the three semi-permanent eyebrow services available, guess how many trainings are offered? I’ll wait…

You got it! Three online microblading classes are offered!

Now, let’s get down to business. 

Microblading trainings offered:

  • Microblading and Manual Shading Course – $1,997
  • Katie’s Signature Brows Course (the combination of microshading and microblading) – $1,997
  • Ombré Brows and Color Correction – $1,497

If you attend any of these courses, you will receive:

  • Six months of unlimited access to the online curriculum
  • Secret tips, tricks, and marketing techniques
  • 4K-quality videos
  • A full live model procedure video
  • Ongoing support via video call or direct message
  • Certificate of completion upon finalization of all levels

Along with what you’ll learn from the trainings, you’ll either receive or purchase the accompanying kit needed as you make progress. Inside the kits are items coinciding with the contents of each course, such as bottles of pigment and disposable eyebrow razors among many other things! 

Pretty simple, right? I think so! 

What’s in Microblading for You?

I’ve talked about what microblading is, explained what trainings are offered online, and discussed how much microblading classes cost. You may be wondering what your benefits are.

I have the answers.

Many women struggle with loving the skin they’re in. As a professionally trained microblade specialist, you will help women flourish in confidence and empower them to feel naturally beautiful.

Think about how women will feel after a session with you! Not only will you be empowering them, but you will feel good too.

Microblading is a skill that takes time to develop. And sure, that sounds dreadful in the general sense of taking time, but look at it this way: once you receive certification after taking the best microblading classes out there, you will be among some of the most highly skilled women in this trade.

And sure, while this trade takes time to learn, there’s no need to spend years in school before getting to this stage. Taking microblading classes will get you practice and usable knowledge from the start, no student loans required!

With the knowledge and skills you develop from microblade classes, you will then have the ability to utilize your talents on any woman that wants full, defining eyebrows. You will gain experience quickly this way and if women love your work, they might even refer you to friends.

Aside from being in the comfort of your own home for online microblading training, the profession itself (depending on what salon you’re employed by) allows you to create your own schedule. The freedom you’ll have is striking!

When entering cosmetology school, some women gravitate towards makeup in hopes of becoming a professional makeup artist. Why do you think they do this?

To express their creativity. 

Microblading is a way for creativity to flow openly and freely. Each client you get will have a different set of eyebrows than the last, and some might even have colored hair. They’ll want their eyebrows to match, which gives you the opportunity to use color!  

The list of benefits from microblading classes only grows from here. That’s why you should consider starting your journey and becoming the artist you want to be. In turn, it benefits you more than anyone!

Start Your Online Microblade Training Today

I hope that I have driven you to pursue the best microblading classes available to you. Not only will you be taking classes, but you’ll be actively practicing, honing your skill, and within no time, you will be changing the lives of many women.

You know that becoming a certified microblade artist is a step in the best direction possible. You’ve seen what it can do for your clients and for you. What’s holding you back? Become a microblading professional today and see what your future holds.  

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