Microblading 101: A Complete Guide to Natural Eyebrow Shapes

eyebrow shapes

When eyebrows are lousy, it can throw off the look of your whole face. What’s worse is that brow issues aren’t always glaring, so something on your face looks wrong, but you can’t quite pinpoint what. Luckily, brow issues are easy to fix.

Eyebrows frame the face, enhance the eyes, and bring proportion to the features. With so much relying on a set of bushy hairs, they better be the best they possibly can. This guide to eyebrow shapes will help you begin your eyebrow transformation.

Eyebrow Shapes for Everyone

With a large variety of shapes, there are eyebrows for every face. Here are 6 always-flattering eyebrow shapes to bring your face to life.

1. Straight

If you like a more relaxed look, then straight brows are for you. This style is exactly how it sounds: straight on the top and straight on the bottom. The lack of an arch has become more popular with Korean beauty enthusiasts dubbing them Boy Brows.

You don’t have to get rid of the arch completely; just flatten it, so your brows are straight across. Then slope down the ends until the top and bottom of your eyebrows meet in a point.

Straight brows are great for those who like a natural, not overly done look. They can give structure to your face in a simple and understated way.

2. Rounded

Softly rounded eyebrows are great for those with sharp features. If your face has a lot of angles, then adding another with dramatically arched eyebrows can make you look harsh. Soften those strong features with rounded brows.

Rounded eyebrows feature a slight arch further from the center of the brow. You’ll want the slopes up to the arch and down to the end to be gradual. But don’t make the arch too high, or you’ll have a rainbow effect.

Round eyebrows have the benefit of looking natural, so you don’t want to overfill them. Rounded eyebrows soften a face without adding a dramatic look.

3. Soft Arch

A soft arch comes naturally to many people’s faces. If this sounds the eyebrows you have and want, the good news is you won’t have to do a lot of shaping. The soft arch is kind of the go-between of natural brows and dramatic brows.

These brows retain the features of the natural, not overly done brow while adding just a touch of drama with the arch. Achieve this look by creating your arch that has a slightly rounded peak.

Soft arches are great for round and oval faces because it adds in angles that but overwhelm the features. A little bold and a little softness makes these the ideal balanced brow. 

4. High Arch

High arches add angles, so they’re ideal for round and diamond faces. This shape is ideal for anyone who wants to add definition to their features. Brows with high arches are the centerpiece of bold and commanding face.

To get a high arch, you’ll want to focus above the browline to add height. You’ll want the highest point in your arch to hit just before the outer corner of your eye before coming down to a point. The high peak should be a defined but natural point.

A high arch is the ideal eyebrow shape for a round face because it adds some angles. If you don’t mind the maintenance or love a bold makeup look, a brow with a high arch might be for you.

5. S-Shaped

S-shaped brows have a soft curve in them where there’s a subtle dip in the center before taking a slight uptick to an arch. This hair pattern is usually a natural occurrence, and though many correct it, you can rock this style no problem.

The name of this brow game is enhancement. What makes S-shaped brows look great is keeping the lines of the brows neat and filling in any gapping areas. You won’t want to place the arch too high, or else you’ll get an overexaggerated shape.

Since S-shaped brows are natural eyebrow shapes, focus on keeping the shape you have and just cleaning up the edges.

6. Upward

The upward eyebrow shape has come into popularity in more modern fashion. This style marries the straight eyebrow shape with the arched shape. Upward brows slant up towards and above the browbone.

This style is ideal if you have a round face. Since the style can be a bit severe, rounder features will better balance out this style. This is a popular trend for alternative looks because of its deviation from the norm.

However, you can easily make this look great for every day by keeping them thick but natural-looking. To do this, don’t slant too high. A gradual slope to above the browbone without a slope down will do the trick.

This shape is great for people who like to have fun with their looks. If you like trying new eye makeup trends, upward brows may be for you. But be careful with the look as it can easily make you look perpetually angry.

What Microblading Can Offer

Great eyebrows enhance your natural features. They’ll make your eyes pop and bring symmetry to your face. Now it’s time to get the look.

Microblading can give you the dream eyebrows by adding semi-permanent pigment to the skin. You can fill in your natural eyebrows or change the shape completely. Microbladed eyebrows always look polished with styles ranging from natural to bold.

This cosmetic procedure has become more and more popular as trends favor well-groomed eyebrows. Microblading makes your eyebrows look finished without the need for extra products like eyebrow pencils or gels.

Waking up with finished brows is a big draw to many. Groomed eyebrows can enhance a no-makeup look. So on days you don’t feel like putting on a full face, you’ll still look put together.

A Good Frame Job

If you have thin or sparse brows, microblading is a solution to that as well. Microblading will fill in your eyebrows with tiny, natural strokes. This will help your brows to appear fuller and darker.

Overall, microblading is a great option for those who want the best eyebrow shapes with less makeup maintenance. Interested in learning more about microblading? Check out our online courses.

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