Lip Blush – Plainfield IL – June 20



1-Day Lip Blushing Masterclass $1997
(FREE Kit & Machine)

Previous experience working with permanent makeup machine is required.

This course is slow-paced, detailed and thorough. It covers everything from skin type, lip mapping, assessing clients, choosing color, applying topical numbing cream, use of tools, insurance, advertising & marketing, tips and tricks, photo editing, and many more.

(This class uses only machine)

Description of what is included in the class:
•       Students will receive a FREE kit and machine.
•       Receive a FREE refresher course within 6 months of the original course.
•       Students will get to practice on LIVE MODELS that we provide.
•       Lifetime support (Students may contact the instructor directly with questions)

This kit includes:
* Micro Touch Pro Machine
* 15 Needles
* 5 Bottles of Pigment
* 5 Pieces of Practice Skins
* 1 Tag #45
* 2 Lip Pencils
* 1 Lip Mapping Thread
* 10 After Care Gel
* 20 Pigment Cups
* 10 Lip Wands

• The day of class
Students will spend time practicing the technique on faux skin and work on live models for the second part of the day. All will be done under Katie’s direct supervision to ensure adequate technique.

A certificate of completion will be distributed at the end of the course showing ability to perform this technique.


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