Ombre Brows 101: Everything Permanent Make-Up Artists Need to Know About This New Technique

ombre brows

Do you want to learn how to create bold, natural-looking brows for yourself or your clients? This unique shading technique is being used more and more by celebrities and everyday people because of its simplicity and beauty. Read on for everything you need to know about how to create beautiful ombré brows! 

What Are Ombré Brows? 

Ombré is a French word that means a color that’s shaded or graduated in tone. Tone describes the shade of an object, so this could meet a dress that’s lighter at the top and darker at the bottom. We’re all familiar with ombré hair, which is the technique of blending a hue of color into another by gradually altering the tone. 

This effect is similar with your brows but is done in a much more subtle manner so it looks more natural. The color transition adds depth to your brows and creates a bolder, darker looking arch. 

How to Create Ombré Eyebrows with Makeup 

Before you begin this technique, have two shades of brown available in light brown and medium brown, either with powder or a high-quality pencil

Groom Your Eyebrows

Use the spool brush in upward motions to tame your eyebrows. With eyebrow trimming scissors, trim your hair so that they’re all of similar lengths. This is also a great time to pluck your eyebrows so that they look clean. 

Lightly Fill-In

With your light brown pencil or powder, you’ll want to fill in any empty spaces within your eyebrows. Use short, sparse strokes that mimic the hair of your eyebrows and stop once you reach your arch. 

Fill-In the Arch

Once you’re at your arch, you’ll want to switch to your darker shade of eye shadow or pencil. Fill in your brows starting at the arch until you end at your outer corner. 


Last but not least, you’ll want to set your eyebrows with a clear eyebrow gel in order to make sure your work doesn’t go to waste. 

Ombré Tips

You’ll find that you’ll need some practice to create the effect that you’re looking for, but here are some ways to make your work easier. 

Starting and Ending

To find out where your eyebrows should start and end, use the end of a makeup brush. Line it up along the side of your nose and it should hit the place where your eyebrow should start.

From that spot against your nose, sweep the makeup brush at a 45-degree angle till you stop at the outer corner of your eye. This should be where your brow naturally ends. 

Line Your Brow

You can also line your eyebrow in order to be sure of the shape you want. Use an eyebrow pencil and line the bottom of your eyebrow. Make sure that you make your line darker towards the middle of the brow to end dark and sharp for a defined tail at the end of your brow. 

Bold and Beautiful Ombre Brows 

Whether you’re a makeup artist or you like perfecting your makeup techniques yourself, you can’t go wrong with learning how to create beautiful ombré brows. This simple technique creates bold, natural-looking brows effortlessly. 

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